„People will be charmed by a film pairing romantic images of family farming with ecological smarts …
[it will specifically] appeal to those on the fence about organic agriculture.“

(The Hollywood Reporter)

„ A ‘very British’ and unobtrusive plea for more respect towards life,
animals and our precious soils that manages to raise hopes on finding a new future for agriculture.“

(Horst-Stern-Preis, Ökofilmtour)

„Is this what paradise looks like? With lush poetic images,
Bertram Verhaag takes us on a trip to southern England, to Prince Charles’ organic farm.
Be prepared to dismiss a many preconceptions after seeing this film; preconceptions against Prince Charles and against organic agriculture.“

"Needless to say how spectacular it is, that farmer David Wilson works for none other than Prince Charles.
However, it is even more impressive to find out how a conventional farmer turned into the perfect organic farmer.
With gleaming eyes and a good dash of British humour, he takes us on a tour of healthy soils, happy animals and biodiversity.
In ‘The Farmer and His Prince’ these two visionaries demonstrate how exciting and satisfying it can be to pursue new paths."

(Renate Künast, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen)

„’The Farmer and His Prince’ is a captivating, entertaining film.
Wonderful scenes depict an alternative route that agriculture could be taking. No, should be taking!"
(Sarah Wiener)


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